Upcoming Seminars

  • April 22, 2010 12noon to 4pm
    Marketing and Branding in today's economy with Vernell Mosley, Weldon Production

  • April 22, 2010
    Marketing QikBiz Tips 5p-6:30p with Pamela Burks
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Business Education
Professional Growth for Entrepreneurs

  • Is Your Business Invisible?
    Most Marketing Professionals will tell you, “Your target market can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist”. Your products/service and their value must be visible to your target market. Take the visibility quiz, explore reasons why you may not be visible, get tips to become more visible, use the tracking form to monitor your transition from Invisible to Visible.

  • Designing Your Exit Strategy
    A well thought out and planned transition is extremely important to the preparation of entrepreneurship. This topic provides planning guidance to those who want to transition from employee to entrepreneur. We will discuss a Funding Needs Analysis, Part time vs. full time exit decisions, Preparing for the transition, Deciding on your Product/Service and What to do first as a new entrepreneur.

  • Tech Savvy Entrepreneur
    We are at a point in our world where we value reuse and recycle to protect our natural resource but what about your business resources? Are you using your existing resources to your greatest advantage? This series of topics explore small business utilization of the Microsoft Office Applications as business tools.  Learn how to get more value from your existing investment during this exploration of Microsoft  Office applications and small business tools.