Inspired! Coaching

DSC_3167.jpg     Developing a new business idea?  Expanding an existing product line? Starting a new Business? Support is a click away from Inspired Coaching with Pamela Burks, certified coach, recipient of the Small Business Person of the year award and listed as a “Woman of Excellence” by the National Association of Professional and Executive Women.


Coaching will support you with brainstorming and will share with you a revenue projected perspective of your business initiative, insight into customer/client impact, implementation strategy as well as management planning.  If you’re starting it, building it or growing it, Inspired Coaching can help you make it happen!  Coaching sessions are focused on your area of interest or need are available by phone on a weekly basis for 3, 6 of 12 month intervals.  Select your coaching session and start today!


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Click here to learn more and/or to purchase book!
Click here to learn more and/or to purchase book!
Click here to learn more and/or to purchase book!